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Innovations and development

Innovation services in the field of electromobility

In order to meet the increasing demand for environmentally friendly technology, the growth of electro mobility tech in vehicles is inevitable. The IQS group embraced this trend by presenting new logistic solutions.

We organize all modes of transport for electro mobility products and pay special attention to the specialized requirements of lithium ion batteries.

Our offerings include extensively trained personnel and specifically developed transport and storage equipment. In addition, we assign a team of industry experts who are in contact with regulatory officials to ensure the maximum safety for the transport of lithium ion batteries.

We also offer storage options for lithium ion batteries via our warehouse in Langenbach. We receive incoming goods and separate them for storage in accordance with any applicable requirements and safety regulations.

Finally, we strive to foster innovative and all-inclusive solutions in electro mobility:

For instance, have us send your electric generator to any desired event location and we will make a prior location check as well as obtain the official approval to position the generator.


In summary, we can proudly offer the highest level of expertise in the following categories:

  • Transport
  • Testing/event support
  • Support
  • Equipment
  • Load planning
  • Travel arrangement

With our innovative talent, we want to recognize your needs, develop solutions, and collaborate with you in the field of electro mobility.

IQS. The Group