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IQS Group and Scan Global Logistics joined forces

Global expansion of the special solution provider for high-end automobile logistics

On January 2nd 2019, the IQS Group and Scan Global Logistics A/S (SGL) joined forces and SGL completed the acquisition of the leading special solution provider for high-end automobile logistics.

„Selling one’s own company is always a big step for the owner. Subsequently finding the right partner for this company was a very difficult task.” comments Norbert Wegener, co-founder and seller of the shares of the IQS Group. Aligning personal perspectives with a prosperous future of the company is a fine line.

“The target buyer should perfectly fit into the globalization strategy of the IQS Group. Ideally, the seller and buyer would ultimately benefit from commercial synergies.” declares Marc Oedekoven, Chairman of the IQS Group.

”The professional experts of all IQS and SGL teams will make the difference for our esteemed existing and new customers.” emphasizes Michael Breul, MD IQS Logistics. “This acquisition is a natural strategic step forward in the ongoing progression and development of Scan Global Logistics internationally.” says Allan Melgaard, Group CEO of Scan Global Logistics. “IQS Group is a perfect fit in our strategy and enables us to take a position as one of the leading companies in the automotive industry. Germany is probably the number one country in the world in terms of high-end car manufacturers - many of which are also IQS Group customers. Obviously, that market and the know-how obtained via IQS Group is very attractive and enable us to grow in our existing market in China and the US”. He continues: ”We believe that our existing and future automotive clients will experience major benefits from the expertise and insights pertaining to the high-end automotive market demands that we gain via IQS Group. On top of all this, SGL and IQS Group have similar values when it comes to customer care, the quality in our services as well as an entrepreneurial approach.”

About IQS Group

The IQS Group is one of the leading logistics providers for special automotive transport by air and ocean. Founded in 1998, the delivery of cars to special testing events worldwide and exhibitions were driven by IQS Group’s innovative logistic solutions. Offering support for worldwide infrastructural tasks linked to the organization and operation of testing projects in remote areas IQS has built a strong reputation for themselves ever since. The implementation of innovative ideas and the continuous development of own loading devices and procedures including high-secured warehouse facilities make IQS Group unique. IQS operates 5 offices in Germany, the US and Dubai.


About Scan Global Logistics

Scan Global Logistics is a Nordic based full-service global freight forwarding provider with nearly 1300 employees working out of 96 offices in 26 countries, specialized in complex logistics solutions. The Group offers customers a wide range of global transportation and logistics supply chain solutions with a complete coverage on air, ocean and overland transportation.